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If you’re a contractor, you will at some point need help with commercial excavation. Roeh Excavating LLC is a team of professionals you should call first when you need help with commercial excavation services in Manitowoc, WI. We have the experience, equipment, and excitement necessary to get the job done right the first time around. When you choose us, you can be sure there will be no mistakes.

What Is Commercial Excavation?

The purpose of commercial excavation is to prepare the site for construction. We work to ensure that the soil is stable enough to hold whatever kind of structure will be built. Our job is to work with architects and civil engineers to ensure that the site is ready for construction. Another part of commercial excavation is to create proper drainage for the site.

Commercial excavation is all about cooperation with multiple teams of construction personnel. Our job is to ensure the integrity of the site so there are no negative consequences when any structure is built on the site.

What Are the Steps of Excavation?

Step one is land clearing. That means we remove bushes, rocks, plants, weeds, and trees, including the roots. Second, we conduct all the measurements and lay rough stakes. This step is important because it is how we ensure a proper foundation can be built. Third, we prepare the excavation equipment for use. Next, we deal with transporting and storing the fill dirt.

Land grading happens next and ultimately depends on the weather. For commercial projects, it usually takes about three to five days. The next step is to actually excavate. This is where we remove soil or rock to create a trench and to secure a strong foundation. Then, we do compaction testing with a civil engineer to secure the firmness of the dirt. And finally, we do erosion and sediment control.

If you need our commercial excavation services, be sure to contact Roeh Excavating LLC at (920) 376-0484 today.

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